Engineering Departments


A message from Don Taylor, Interim Dean of the College of Engineering

  • A navigation system so advanced it enables blind people to drive around a track.
  • A top-five national ranking for engineering and computer science students from industry recruiters surveyed by the Wall Street Journal.
  • A spectacular new active learning building designed to foster engineering education and research.
Goodwin Hall

These three exciting stories have something in common other than their links to the College of Engineering. Philanthropy fueled each of them.

While public institutions like ours rely on state funding, private support has become increasingly critical for all universities that expect to excel.

Donations provide scholarships that attract the best students. They create named professorships that attract, empower, and retain the best faculty. They fund top-quality facilities where those students and faculty accomplish seminal breakthroughs. Those accomplishments help ensure a school’s reputation -- and the value of its degrees.

Blind Driver Challenge

Consider the stories above. Our Blind Driver Challenge car was built inside a laboratory named for a donor, with parts donated by companies that employ many of our alumni. Industry recruiters ranked Virginia Tech 13th -- and both our engineering and computer science programs fifth -- because they prize the hands-on experience our students receive on projects like the Blind Driver Challenge. And Goodwin Hall - our Signature Engineering Building - project would never have advanced if raising millions from donors was not possible.

These are just three of many developments in our college made possible by the support of people like you. I also encourage you to contact one of our gift officers to discuss your philanthropic goals. Thank you!


G. Don Taylor, Jr., Interim Dean