Engineering Departments

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Department of Engineering Education is home to all first-year and transfer engineering students. Once specific course requirements are complete, students become eligible to declare any of the 14 undergraduate degree granting engineering majors.

Degrees/Majors within college of engineering

A “major” is the main subject area you intend to pursue for your degree.

Degree Advisor/email Phone Number
Aerospace Engineering Dr. Bob Canfield 540-231-5981
Biological Systems Engineering Ms. Priscilla Beth Baker 540-231-2145
Chemical Engineering Dr. Gary Whiting 540-231-7127
Civil Engineering Ms. Kara Lattimer 540-231-7148
Computer Engineering Dr. Jaime De La Ree 540-231-6625
Computer Science Ms. Terry Arthur 540-231-3984
Construction Engineering and Management Ms. Ashley Johnson 540-231-5376
Electrical Engineering Dr. Jaime De La Ree 540-231-6625
Engineering Science and Mechanics Ms. Amanda Stanley 540-231-4965
Industrial and Systems Engineering Ms. Joyce Vest 540-231-6388
Materials Science Engineering Ms. Michelle Czamanske 540-231-1768
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Linda Vick 540-231-7747
Mining and Minerals Engineering Ms. Michelle Crotto 540-231-9018
Ocean Engineering Dr. Bob Canfield 540-231-5981

Minors within the college of engineering

A “minor” is a group of courses from a particular discipline/specialty area.  Checksheets (or a list of all required courses) for all minors offered at the university can be found on the Registrar's website.  The College of Engineering offers the following minors: