Engineering Departments

Meet the Mentors

Molly Acord   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Chemical Engineering
Beckley, WV
Alpha Chi Sigma / -Professional Chemistry Fraternity / -Brother since Spring 2016 / / American Chemical Society / -Chemistry Club at Virginia Tech / -Member since Fall 2015 / / BARC Club / -Responsible for walking dogs belonging to veterinary students
I am planning to add a Bio-medical Engineering minor, so I want to take class at Virginia Tech this summer and hopefully be involved in research!
I absolutely love the diversity at Virginia Tech! You can be involved in so many organizations that put you in a group with a common interest, yet there are people from all different walks of life you will meet. All of my best friends are Hokies!
I definitely wish I would have realized sooner that you do not have to take the same path as everyone else. The world of engineering has so many opportunities, many of which people don't realize until they are already deep into their major.
Just a quirky engineer who wears fashionable lab google lines, loves to bake, and will want to pet every animal she sees.
Sarah Balles   (GUEST)
Mechanical Engineering
Severn, Maryland
Caterpillar - Quality Intern in Athens, GA / Caterpillar - Design Intern in Clayton, NC
Formula SAE, Circle K International
This summer I'll be working for Caterpillar in North Carolina. I'm excited to work for CAT again as well as catch up on sleep!
Maroon and orange everywhere
Get involved! Virginia Tech has so much to offer so make the most of it and don't let the "freshman" status stop you!
Rhys Bergeron   (GUEST)
Chemical Engineering; Chemistry
Herndon, VA
Captain of Virginia Tech Ultimate Frisbee Club Team
Worked for the National Park Service this summer
The FOOD. Virginia Tech never ceases to amaze me how great tasting their food is. It's great to know after a long day of studying I can have a great tasting dinner on campus.
I wish I was told to utilize teacher's office hours more often. As intimidating as some teachers might be, they are always helpful at helping you develop as a student and will answer any questions you might have about their class.
Lived in Alice Springs Australia for three years and lived in a house 300 yards from a mountain range where wild kangaroos lived.
Brittany Bienemann   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Biological Systems Engineering; Biomedical Engineering
Smithtown, New York
Alpha Delta Pi; Engineering Education Student Ambassador; Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Society(UBES); Intramural Sports
I took a cruise to the Caribbean with my family, and spent most of my free time relaxing with friends on the beaches back home.
The Hokie Community!
Although it can by intimidating, get involved in organizations you are passionate about early on, and meet as many people as possible!
Amanda Blackwell   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Chemical engineering; Business leadership
Aerojet Rocketdyne
Delta Delta Delta sorority / Chem Recitation Leader / Virginia Tech Honor Court
The Food!!
It's a lot harder than you think it's gonna be but it'll be worth it in the end!
Food & Netflix are my favorite hobbies
David Blackwood   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering
Long Valley, New Jersey
Haas Laser Technologies Inc.
Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity, BAJA SAE Design Team, Virginia Tech Cycling.
I will be working locally this summer for Haas Laser Technologies where I will be manufacturing laser parts. Also I plan to mountain bike every day, and go on a road trip down the east coast this summer.
The people at Virginia Tech are the best part! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, with a great sense of community. You can be anywhere in the world and someone will come up to you and say "Go Hokies!". This says a lot about the school spirit and the community that comes with being a part of Hokie nation.
I wish I knew about the undergraduate design teams in the Ware lab earlier because I think this is something great to get involved in. Otherwise I learned a lot about the opportunities available to me and had a smooth transition from high school to college through being a CEED mentee.
I am an avid mountain biker, and have previously made it to the mountain biking cross country nationals and placed 2nd.
Thessa Bravo   (AHORA)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Jefferson Lab
Latin Link, Club Ultimate Frisbee, Hypatia
Achieving childhood dream of working at Tropical Smoothie.
The several alternatives for food allergies at our high quality dining facilities.
I wish that I would have taken advantage of my resources such as office hours that my professors held every week.
When I am in Ecuador I will dream in Spanish, but when I am in the United States I dream in English. I love playing ultimate frisbee.
Maddie (Madeleine) Brouse   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil and Environmental Engineering; Green Engineering
Bluemont, VA
Engineering intern with the Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority
Bridges to Prosperity, Alpha Omega Epsilon
The awesome community
I wish I had known how important and easy it is to get involved.
I worked on the Flint water crisis
Thomas Chapman   (BEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering
Suffolk, Virginia
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE); Pre-College Initiative (PCI); CEED; Intramural Sports
Taking classes at my local college, and traveling all over Eastern Asia for 2 weeks.
The people and the sense of community are all wonderful.
Time management is vital for succeeding in engineering. Don't be afraid to ask for help or go to office hours if you don't understand something.
Megan Coughlin   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Industrial and Systems Engineering; Green Engineering Minor
Bel Air, Maryland (not the cool 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air')
Department of Defense, Aberdeen, Maryland, summer 2016, Industrial Engineer Intern
Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Intramural sports, Galipatia, Alpha Omega Epsilon, Society of American Military Engineers
My favorite thing about VT is the Hokie Spirit and friendly, tight-knit community!
To not let one bad test define you, pick yourself up and let it make you stronger!
I studied abroad in New Zealand and bungy jumped off the 3rd longest bungy (134 m) in the world (check out my video on YouTube). I have tried over 50 pumpkin flavored items. Also I love to run and have completed 3 half marathons (planning to run a full marathon this year).
Meagan David   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering; Chemistry
Falls Church, VA
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (Summer 2015, Winter 2015) / Eastman Chemical Company (Fall 2015, Summer 2016)
Dean's Team College of Engineering Recruiting / University Honors / Service Without Borders / Circle K International / Society of Women Engineers
I plan on hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail during my internship in Tennessee. There is so much natural beauty in the area, and I hope to take advantage during my time there!
The Hokie community is my favorite part of VT. We attend such a large college, but the support that students and professors show each other each day makes it feel like a close-knit college.
As a first-year engineering student, I wish I had realized that there is no reason to be intimidated when joining clubs, design teams, etc. that are mostly upperclassmen. Getting involved early is definitely an advantage because you can learn and grow as you get further along in your studies!
Austin Davis   (BEST)
Mechanical Engineering; Possibly an Africana studies minor
Richmond, Virginia
Altria, Summer 2016 in Richmond
Rising Sophomore Abroad Program (RSAP), Help Me Help You (HMHY), National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), CommonWEALTH of Scholars
Internship in Richmond with Altria
The food and the education because they have some really interesting classes like Theorizing Beyonce and Navigating White Privilege and Working for Racial Equity that you can take.
I wish I knew how to manage my time and what available resources there are for students on campus.
I've worked at Chick-fail-A for 3 years now and I always say "my pleasure". It's ingrained even when I'm not on the job. I was a Hypatian my Freshman year and an RA in the Hypatia community for my Sophomore year. I will once again be an RA for the Hypatia community for my Junior year.
Rachelle Del Rosario   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Virginia Beach, VA
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Bridges to Prosperity, Concrete for Kids
I love the community. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, making it easy to adjust to college life.
I wish I would've known about GobblerConnect earlier, so that I could have joined clubs earlier.
I grew up as a military child and I've lived in 10 different places
Ahmad Edrees   (BEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Electrical Engineering
Falls Church, Virginia
IEEE, Formula SAE, MSA
FOOOOOOD. Just kidding, as much as I love it, food comes second. My favorite thing about Tech is the community. Sure you have your handful of mean and inconsiderate people, but a majority of the community here is super nice, considerate, and generous. The community is so helpful, loving and caring. People make or break experiences in any type of environment, and I have to say, the community does a great job of reflecting the awesomeness of Blacksburg.
Get involved as early as possible! I found myself occupied with heavier workloads as an upperclassman and get less and less opportunities to be involved with the groups I want to be involved with. As a freshman, I wish I got involved with as many organizations, people, and groups as possible so that I can narrow it down to the most important ones to me since I would be busy with school work and not have enough time to spend with all of these groups.
I love to freestyle rap. It was something my friends and I recently picked up. I'm not that great, but I am getting there. So, if you got bars let me know. I love hip-hop and I am always open to hearing new content!
Serena Emanuel   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Biological Systems Engineering; Green Engineering, Environmental Science
Centreville, VA
VT Office of Sustainability Internship (2015-Present) / University Honors Admissions Intern (2016-Present) / Water Resources Internship with POWERCHINA HUADONG in Hangzhou, China (Summer 2016)
ASABE / LEWAS Lab Undergraduate Research Assistant / VT Swim Club / VT Contemporary Dance Ensemble /
I will be going to Hangzhou, China for a Water Resources Internship for POWERCHINA HUADONG.
My favorite thing about VT are all of the unique opportunities: innertube water polo, international street fair, caving, and Cadet v. Civilian snowball fights are just a few of my favorites!
I wish I would have known about some really cool (free!) resources on campus like Innovation Space (where you can rent cameras and GoPros for free), the Career Center (where they will help with resumes and mock interviews), and Frith Freshmen Engineering Lab (can use laser cutters and 3D printers...for free).
I absolutely love sweet potatoes...and have an Instagram just for trees: serendipi.tree!
Colleen Ferlotti   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Industrial and Systems Engineering; Business
Fairfax, VA
Technical Analyst Intern at CGI Federal
IISE, Director of Fundraising / College Mentors for Kids, Executive Board / Make a Wish, Executive Board / Leadership Tech, Peer Mentor / Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society / Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority / CEED Peer Mentoring / National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Going to Disneyland with IISE / Internship with CGI Federal
All the options for support and the comraderie and respect among students, administration, and faculty
To get involved with my professional society
I taught myself to yodel off of youtube videos. I studied abroad in New Zealand.
Haley Gardner   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil/Environmental Engineering; Spanish / Green Engineering / Sarcasm (still working on getting this one officially approved, but I feel good about this year)
Cypress, CA
Dominion, Summer 2015 and 2016
Hokie Ambassadors, Tour Guides / Water for Kids, CEE Service Organization / American Society of Civil Engineers / Chi Epsilon, CEE Honors Fraternity / Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Honors Fraternity
I had the wonderful privilege of studying abroad during the Spring 2016 semester to northern Spain, studying Spanish and Engineering!
My favorite thing about VT is how well maroon and orange go with literally everything, not to mention the tangible amount of school pride you can feel once you step on campus. Everyone is so proud to be a Hokie and that can be felt through everyone's remarkable involvement and dedication to our school motto, Ut Prosim-That I May Serve, and our drive to Invent the Future!
I wish I would've believed people when they told me that doing my best is all I can do, and to not stress about all of the little things.
I once juggled a soccer ball 323 times! (Like with my feet, not just one in my hands like a lame clown). I'm from Southern California and I have truly found my home here at Tech a mere 2,400 miles from my actual house. I'm so happy that you are all Hokies and I can't wait until you fall in love with Tech the way I did!
Jamie Gentile   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Industrial & Systems Engineering; Business
Whitehouse Station, NJ
Delta Gamma Sorority / Service Without Borders Club / Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, and Basketball
I will be working at a cupcake shop in my new home in Lincoln, Nebraska.
The sense of community, the friendly people, and the food.
Group work is very important. Forming good relationships with people is crucial to success.
I ran my own cake decorating business the summer before college.
Nick (Nicholas) Gentile   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil and Environmental Engineering; Economics, Green Engineering
Hillsborough, NC
Virginia Department of Transportation
American Society of Civil Engineers; Member '15-'16, VP '16-'17 / Engineers Without Borders Guatemala Group, '14-'16 / Big Event Committee, 2016
Staying in Blacksburg for my summer internship!
The community. Everyone knows and cares about each other; it's one big Hokie family.
Keeping up with both school and social life can be a challenge, but there is definitely a balance!
My birthday is on Valentine's Day! O'shag is the best dorm!!!
Maria Graber   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Biological Systems Engineering; Green Engineering / Math
Fairfax, VA
Society of Women Engineers - social committee, Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society
I will be taking classes this summer.
I love the VT community and the hikes nearby.
There are a lot of opportunities at Virginia Tech, so don't be afraid to try new things and get involved.
Can't wait for a great year with CEED... Let's Go Hokies!
Colin Grundey   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Computer Engineering; Cybersecurity
Baltimore, MD
Web Developer Intern for McDonogh School / Wireless Technician for Freedom Broadband / Engineering Consultant for InfoPathways
Sailbot / Consulting Group / Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
Web Developer for McDonogh School
My favorite thing about VT is the food! You can't beat the food here and I never get tired of it.
As a first-year engineering student, I wish I had been more involved in classes. I was afraid of going to the teacher for help, but now that I can do that, academics are easier and much more engaging.
I never missed a day of school from kindergarten through 12th grade.
Sarah Hanson   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Electrical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering
Forest, VA
CommScope - Summer 2014; Eastman Chemical Company - Summer 2015; GE Healthcare - Summer 2016
IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu, SWE, Circle K, Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Society
Electrical engineering intern at GE Healthcare
If you have an idea for a project (technical, research, performance, service, etc), Virginia Tech has the resources to make it happen.
Professors enjoy getting to know their students, and asking them about their research is a great way t to break the ice.
I used to have a pet snake. Blacksburg is my second home, and I am very excited for this fall's mentoring program!
Casey (Cassandra) Harvey   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil Engineering
Stephens City, VA
Engineering Co-op, Ulliman Schutte Construction
American Society of Civil Engineers / Undergraduate Honor System / Kappa Kappa Gamma, Zeta Mu Chapter
Strip Loin Mondays at 1872 Grill
That going out and getting involved is just as important as studying.
I love unicorns!
Rachael Hensen   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Industrial & Systems Engineering; Business / Green Engineering / International Studies
None, military brat
Brasfield & Gorrie, Project Mamagement Intern (Spring 2014) / BMW, Process Improvement Intern (Spring 2015) / Rolls Royce, Project Management Intern (Summer 2016)
Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers / Alpha Pi Mu (ISE Honors Society) / ISE Ambassadors / Big Event Committee Member /
I'm planning on interning for Rolls Royce in Indianapolis, IN. I'm also taking a few classes to get caught up and obtain a project management certification. Nothing to exciting, unfortunately.
I really like how the college is fairly large, but there is a small town feel.
I wish I would've known more about office hours, and actually set time aside to go to them. The professors are there to help you if you're struggling, and I wish I would've taken advantage of that.
I learned how to drive on the opposite side of the road, while living in Japan.
Kyle Hogan   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Moorestown, NJ
Becica Associates, Cherry Hill, NJ, summer 2016, structures intern
ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), Circle K International, Concrete for Kids
Football games and the community.
Don't be afraid to take some classes outside the standard engineering curriculum. You'll meet some new people and expand your horizons.
Emily Holz   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Materials Science and Engineering
Sterling, Virginia
Hypatia living learning community (freshman year), New Life Christian Fellowship (NLCF)
Traveled to England to visit family, worked, and relaxed
The people, the community, and the food
Get to know people in all your classes and do homework with friends!
Rima (Madhurima) Hore   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Aerospace Engineering; Women and Gender Studies
Eastern Shore of Virginia
Society of Women Engineers / AIAA / SIA / Gamma Phi Beta / Womanspace
I'll be traveling to India this summer!
The strong sense of community in the Hokie Nation
It's okay to ask for help!
I was born in India and am fluent in 3 languages!
Sindy Hou   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Engineering Science and Mechanics; Biomedical Engineering / Math
Sterling, VA
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Spring, MD / Coretechs Consulting, Kensington, MD / AbbVie, Chicago, IL
DREAMS Lab / Theta Tau, Professional Engineering Fraternity / Ballroom Dance
I never feel like I'm away from home.
Office hours are you friend!
I'm an archer!
Ian Imperial   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Computer Science
Virginia Beach, VA
-Class of 2018 Leadership Team - Webmaster / - VTRelay For Life - Team Relations Committee / - Computer Science Community Service
My favorite thing about VT is our motto, "Ut Prosim" and how there are so many ways for Hokies to serve, developing the motto into a lifestyle.
I wish I had known more in-depth about scheduling, course request, and planning my semesters. I also wish I had the insight on which courses and professors to take.
Sometimes, after extensively working on a program, I tend to dream in code. I'm super excited for you to be coming to Virginia Tech!
Dan (Daniel) Irving   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Biological Systems Engineering; Green Engineering Minor
Oxford, Pennsylvania
Bridges to Prosperity, Intramural sports
Working at a lake and hiking some of the Appalachian Trail!
There is always something going on or something to do, I am never bored.
Practice your coding skills and take advantage of the Frith Lab!
I like to snowboard.
Cole Jaconski   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil Engineering; Trumpet Performance
Powhatan, Virginia
Timmons Group as a Survey Intern (Summer 2015) Richmond, VA / Structural Group as a Project Engineer Intern (Summer 2016) Pompano Beach, FL
Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society | Vice President (starting next year) / TechNotes Co-ed A Cappella | Treasurer and Co-Music Director
Tech truly is a great community! Not only is school spirit extremely high, but I really feel safe here. I hardly ever worry about things being stolen, everyone holds the door open, and everyone smiles as you pass them on the street.
Your current plan for your collegiate/professional career will change, and that's OK. This is a time to figure yourself and and prepare for the "real world". Just be ready to adapt, and make sure to take on new opportunities. You never know if you like something unless you try it. / / Put your happiness as your top priority. If you aren't happy where you are then move somewhere else. If you aren't happy doing what you're doing then do something else. If you aren't happy around the people you're with then find new and better people. You are in control of your life, so make it a good one. / / The reason you're here is to get a job. Never forget that. Sometimes career building activities and general life experiences are more important than school work. Figuring out the balance is key to a successful career.
Linda Kim   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering
Gainesville, Virginia
General Electric Aviation, DEAIO, Instrumentation Program Engineering Intern, Cincinnati, OH / General Electric Aviation, Services, Life Cycle Engineering Intern, Cincinnati, OH
Circle K International
Interned for GE Aviation and explored the Cincinnati area for the second time!
There is Hokie spirit and a tight-knit sense of community everywhere. This is my home away from home!
Get involved with something you are passionate about and explore because VT has so much to offer. Also, make some study buddies along the way!
Charles Kresho   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Pathways Program at Dahlgren Navy Base
Internship at Dhalgren
Turners Place
To get involved with the discipline specific courses, and to make sure to always take a break from work.
I was a lifeguard during the summer, and the one time I needed to jump into the pool to save someone, I slipped and fell on the edge of the pool.
Ben (Benjamin) LaBine   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Industrial and Systems Engineering; Business
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), Dean's Team, Appalachian Service Project at Virginia Tech, Intramural sports
Spent two weeks traveling abroad in China with the Rising Sophomore Abroad Program, worked, vacationed with family, and caught up with high school friends.
FOOD, football, and the amazing people
College isn't as big and overwhelming as it may seem - stay organized, find good friends, and get involved as much as possible
I love traveling and meeting new people from different backgrounds. One day I want to own my own business.
Meredith Mathews   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering; Biomedical
Roanoke, Virginia
Altec Industries Applications Co-op / Klockner Pentaplast Manufacturing Intern
My favorite thing about Virginia Tech is the sense of pride and community.
I wish I would have known to get involved in as many groups as possible because you only have a few years to do it.
Rachael McCarthy   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Chemical Engineering; Computer Science
Columbia, MD
Internship with ExxonMobil
Engineers Without Borders (EWB) / Society of Women in Engineering (SWE) / American Institute of Chemical Engineers (VT AICHE) / Womens Ultimate Club / Snow Club
The people! I am blessed to be able to spend every day with great people in a beautiful place!
Do not let the heavy course load deter you from joining clubs or organizations. I have learned to love Virginia Tech through the extracurriculars that I am a part of.
Maeghan McDonough   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Chemical Engineering
Virginia Beach
Alpha Omega Epsilon / VT AIChe
Taking summer classes / Working at C-Tech^2
How pretty the campus is and how friendly the people are
Not to over extend myself with extracurricular activities
I have had hiccups everyday for 2 and a half years
Allison McEntee   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil Engineering
Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Intern at Nth Solutions, LLC, Exton, PA, summer 2014, 2015, 2016
Intramural sports, VT Outing Club, Veg Club at VT
Serving as an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for the NYLT Leadership Academy in Washington D.C. and St. Louis, Missouri.
The community aspect and the fact that everyone is willing to help each other.
Sit in the first few rows of your classes - you're less likely to fall asleep or get distracted!
KayLeigh McHale   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil Engineering
Round Hill, VA
SiteSafe Inc., Arlington, Virginia, summer 2015, FCC report writer; Henley Construction Company, Inc., Ashburn, Virginia, summer 2016, construction intern /
Virginia Tech Women's Club Soccer, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Appalachia Service Project at Virginia Tech (ASP-VT), New Life Christian Fellowship (NLCF), Chi Alpha
Interned with Henley Construction Company, Inc. at Ashburn, Virginia.
Food and football season
I wish I would've gotten involved with the community around me sooner in both professional and student organizations. I also wish I would've gone to more office hours and taken better advantage of all the available resources. Put yourself out there, Tech is an amazing place!
Gabriel Miranda   (GUEST)
Mechanical Engineering
Reston, VA
Intern Department of Navy Strategic Systems Programs Summer 2014 / Co-op GE Aviation Military Systems Operations Fall 2014 /
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers / Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity /
Intern GE Aviation Summer 2016 /
I love everyone's passion for service here at tech and we don't just talk about it. We host the largest collegiate Relay for Life in the country, we help the blacksburg community on Big Event, and we do small things for each other every day.
You need to start your homework early and give yourself time to go to office hours if you need to. Also, there's a twitter account that lets you know which days Owens serves chicken parm.
I don't like eating chocolate or drinking coffee... I'm not sure if you can even consider me a college student. I biked from Seattle to D.C. last summer with my fraternity!
Rounak Mukhopadhyay   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Electrical Engineering
Manassas, Virginia, and Mumbai, India.
Internship at Ambuja Cements, Mumbai, India.
Society of Indian Americans, Indian Students Association, Virginia Tech Cricket Club.
Internship at Ambuja Cements and eat at the best places in India.
The sense of community and the love that you receive at Virginia Tech.
Coming to College is a big transition from high school, and balance of studies and fun is the major key to success. You would always find help if you look for it.
I love sports and I love to eat! P.s - I can speak 4 languages.
Kavi Muraleetharan   (GUEST)
Mechanical Engineering; Green Engineering / Nuclear Engineering / Leadership Studies
Ashburn, VA
Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, American Nuclear Society
VTCC Global Scholars Study Abroad to Normandy, France
The atmosphere, people, and the opportunities on campus and in surrounding areas to have fun and be active
I wish I knew about the different engineering majors, labs, and research opportunities that a first-year can start learning about and participate in early in their college career.
Brian O'Neal   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering
Ellicott City, MD
Virginia Tech Rugby, SailBOT, Rising Student Abroad Program (RSAP)
I will be studying abroad in the Dominican Republic for a week as a part of RSAP. I will be a camp counselor for a week at a sleep away camp.
Hokie Spirit
To check Koofers to know how good your professors are before classes start.
Colleen O'Neill   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering
Olney, MD
Nannying my amazing nieces and nephew
Football games and the food!!
I would have to study 2x and sometimes even 3x as much as I did in high school. Also, Professor's office hours are actually an amazing resource that you should take advantage of as much as possible.
I love hedgehogs :)
Jim (James) Owens   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Chemical Engineering; Chemistry, Math
Downingtown, PA
Drexel University Research Intern
Bortner Research Group, Engineers without Borders, Virginia Tech Consulting Group, Virginia Tech Student Union, Alpha Chi Sigma, University Honors
Interned at Drexel University as a research Intern
The people! Everyone is very nice and students and teachers alike are willing to go out of their way to help others succeed.
Virginia Tech gives their engineering students a lot of freedom and opportunities for success. However, nothing will be handed to you. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and create your own opportunities!
Anika Peterson   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering; German
Springfield, Virginia
ATEx, Teach for Jamie, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Hypatia Living-Learning Community (freshman year)
I love the food and Hokie Spirit!
Don't be afraid to talk to your professors. They're a great resource!
Alex Petit   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Aerospace Engineering;Green Engineering
Pavilly, France
Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
Returning to France to visit my family.
The small town feeling of knowing someone everywhere you go.
Joining a design team or doing undergraduate research puts you ahead of the game in terms of obtaining internships and jobs.
Moved here from France in 2008.
Marianna Pittman   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering; Green Engineering, Spanish
Middletown, Delaware
Frith Lab ULA, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Hypatia Living-Learning Community (Freshman year), Rising Sophomore Abroad Program (RSAP), 2015
My favorite thing about VT is the sense of community, and of course, the food.
Get to know your professors! They are there to help you, and are a great resource.
Austin Porfiri   (GUEST)
Chemical Engineering
Fairfax, Virginia
GAF Material Corporation (Manufacturing), Baltimore Maryland, Spring-Summer 2016 / Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Washington DC, Summer 2015
Atmospheric Teaching Experiment, Student Engineering Council, AIChE
Completing my internship at GAF with a trip to Dallas. Coming back to Tech for summer classes.
I really like how upperclassmen men in student organizations like CEED are wiling to take their time in order to show incoming freshmen the ropes. When I was a freshmen the help I received as a member of the Galileo program was invaluable to me and has helped me reach a greater potential than I thought.
I think it is important not to underestimate the difficulty of many freshmen classes going into school. I would say this is most true for calculus classes which have very tricky tests and tough grading policies. I would also recommend reading class instructions and policies very closely to avoid any surprises.
I am a moviephile.
Sasha Redmon   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil Engineering; Green Engineering
Dumfries, VA
Infrastructure and Engineering Management Intern at LMI in Tysons, VA (Summer 2015); Transportation Safety Engineer Intern at Leidos in Reston, VA (Summer 2016)
Galipatia Living-Learning Community; Theme Park Engineering and Design Club
Football. Food. And more football.
Make friends in your classes as soon as you can! Having someone to work together on homework or study with will make your life so much easier. Those that study together, survive together!
Go Hokies!
Anne Richards   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering
Leesburg, Virginia
REHAU Incorportated; Summer 2014; Chemical Engineering Intern GE Aviation; Summer 2015; Design Engineering Intern
Pi Beta Phi Sorority
I developed a suspension model of data acquisition trailer for the Vehicle Terrain Performance Laboratory (VTPL).
The inclusive community that embodies Hokie spirit
Get as involved on campus as you can from the start!
Amanda Stuchel   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil and environmental engineering; green engineering
Fairfax, Virginia
land development intern at Walter L Phillips, Inc.; Falls Church, Virginia; summer 2015
CEED peer mentor, Concrete Canoe team captain, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), intramural sports
Worked, spent time with family, went water skiing, wakeboarding and golfing in my free time
Jumping to Enter Sandman with the Hokie Nation!
Find a place that you can really focus and get work done without distractions.
Let's go, Hokies!
Brooke Suesser   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Engineering Science and Mechanics; Biomedical Engineering
Erie, PA
Virginia Tech Swim Club / Alpha Omega Epsilon / Intramural Sports
I plan to go home to work, and to take a summer class.
The school spirit and sense of community.
I wish I would've gotten more involved during my first semester. I encourage incoming freshman to get involved in anything that catches their interest!
Matt (Matthew) Svoboda   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Cave Creek, Arizona
Football season and the food.
I wish I had known not to stress about each assignment grade in the General Engineering classes.
I am partially blind in my left eye due to a soccer injury. I love watching and playing all sports, especially soccer.
Travis Swann   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Computer Engineering; Cyber Security and Computer Science
Alexandria, Virginia
Bolt Design Team / Amp Lab / Cyber Security Club / Virginia Tech Swim Club
I am traveling to Shandong University in China to do research for a professor in the Computer Engineering department.
The job fair and constant stream of companies visiting to hire Hokies which helps so much with finding a job.
Office hours and tutors are your friend, and finals will be harder than anything you have ever done before so there is no shame in trying to get help.
I love to swim and have basically live at my community pool since I was 4 years old.
Holly Tache   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil Engineering; Green Engineering
Virginia Beach, VA
Land Development Intern, Timmons Group: 2015 / Land Development/Water Resources Intern, Kimley-Horn: 2016
ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) / Concrete Canoe Team / Chi Epsilon, National Civil Engineering Honor Society / Sustainable Land Development Club (SLDC) /
Internship in Virginia Beach with Kimley-Horn
I love the college-town atmosphere, the tight-knit sense of community, and Hokie pride!
Getting involved in extra-curricular activities is very rewarding and a great way to meet some new friends!
Melynna Thai   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Aerospace Engineering
Richmond, VA
GE Aviation Manufacturing Intern in Bohemia, New York
Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
I'm planning on traveling to Chicago and New York City with my high school friends between taking classes.
I love the community at Virginia Tech and how people want to help you succeed!
Don't be scared of what you don't know, that just gives you more room to grow!
I did STEP (Student Transition to Engineering Program) the summer before my freshman year and was in Hypatia my freshman year. I mentored for CEED fall of my sophomore year and then I received a mentor through the Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) the following spring for aerospace engineering. I've been lucky enough to have people help guide me through college and hope to do the same for my mentees!
Alex (Alejandro) Tsocalis   (AHORA)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering
Buenos Aires, Argentina and Oakton, Virignia
General Electric Aviation
Formula SAE, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Summer internship at General Electric Aviation
The campus
I wish I had known how important it was to stay organized.
I speak English, Italian, Spanish and French
Calvin Wangota   (BEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering
Chantilly, Virginia
Working as sample person at Costco, learning Python, playing for a u23 men's club soccer team
When comparing Virginia Tech to other schools, no other school embodies such a deep sense of a community and school spirit. Every student at VT is willing to help each other, be friends, and ultimately support VT no matter what the case.
As a first-year engineering student, I only learned second semester that talking and meeting with your teachers can be very beneficial. Often, some teachers are easier than others but if you develop a good relationship with your teacher, it raises your chances of achieving the grade you want.
I identify as Ugandan even though I was the only one in my family born in America, I take pride in my roots but also love being an American. I love most sports, I have played soccer competitively all my life and basketball mostly for fun. Odds are you'll find me playing basketball at either gym at some point.
Paige West   (WEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Civil and Environmental Engineering; Green Minor
Charlotte, North Carolina
I will be a member of the Steel Bridge Design Team. I'm already a member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).
I love the community at Virginia Tech. Every student, faculty, staff, and people living in Blacksburg are so courteous to one another and it's great to see a community that cares about each other.
I wish I had known how important it is to get involved into activities around school. Whether it is a design team, Greek life, or a community service club, it is important to be involved and find your niche.
I've seen the sunrise on top of a mountain in Hawaii.
Brian Worek   (GUEST)
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
Computer Engineering; Microelectronics Engineering
South Riding, VA
Dynetics, Inc. - Huntsville, AL, Summer 2016 - Product Engineering Intern / Lockheed Martin - Manassas, VA, Summer 2015 - Software Engineering Intern
Eta Kappa Nu, ECE Honor Society - President / Delta Tau Delta Fraternity / The Big Event Committee
I'm going on a 3 week trip to Europe with a couple friends at the beginning of Summer. After that, I will be interning at Dynetics, Inc. in Huntsville, Alabama.
The VT community and its strong relationship with the town of Blacksburg.
I wish I would've know that you CAN balance an engineering work load with extracurricular activities. If I had known this, I would've gotten involved with student organizations earlier than I did.
I have a fat cat named Cooper. Outside of school I'm into bodybuilding. I love weight lifting at the gym and tracking my diet and nutrition.