Engineering Departments

Mentoring Program Description

The College of Engineering invites you to participate in one of our mentoring programs in the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity.

Options available are:

If you decide this program is for you, you will find out our mentors are already on the ball even before you arrive for fall semester.  You will receive a phone call from one of our mentors who will introduce him or herself and help you with any questions or concerns. ANY questions! They are available to help with advice about what to prepare for move-in, such as what supplies you should bring or what you should wait to buy after you move in. This first contact will show you what a great resource your mentor can be!

The weekend before classes begin, you will be invited to attend a welcome event with your mentor. This will be a great chance to meet the mentors and other mentees in the program and hit the ground running, making connections on campus. Your small group will determine when you would like to meet based on your schedules for the first 10 weeks of the fall semester. Some meetings will be on campus while others will be off campus. The off-campus meetings will be a great chance for your mentor to help you get to know the community around campus and take you to a meal compliments of CEED!

Two large social events where all mentors and mentees interact will take place during the semester. One of the events will be held after the first engineering exam where you will enjoy the opportunity to unwind and relax after all your studying – this event will be held at the BreakZONE on campus and will be free – pizza, pool, ping pong, and bowling. The other large event will be at the end of the 10 weeks and will give you a chance to thank your mentor for all he or she has done for you.

At the heart of all this activity and planning are engineering students who genuinely care about helping you have an excellent experience as a new Hokie. This program is supported by CEED staff, but it is truly run by the Peer Leaders and mentors. We hope you decide to join us!