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Joseph Hamilton understands the innerworkings of Goodwin Hall better than most. He was integral to the design and implementation of ...
Featured Student
Gordon Christie, who is on a path to a Ph.D., discovered an appreciation for the practical applications that come from researching...
Featured Student
Francisco Xavier Flores Solano is an international graduate student and Civil Engineering Ph.D. who incorporated his ties to Latin America..

The College of Engineering affords its graduate students the opportunity to accelerate career achievements and hone research interests through a nationally recognized program where experiences outside the classroom are also an integral part of the experience.

Enhancing the Graduate Experience

Student focused programs such as the New Horizon Graduate Scholars and the Graduate Student Peer Mentoring program enhance the graduate school experience through academic support and networking opportunities outside of the classroom.  Diversity programs and the Cranwell International Center specializing in underrepresented and international populations, respectively, are also available.

Flexible Degree Options

The Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program (CGEP) offers post-baccalaureate education for practicing engineers and scientists interested in maintaining and enhancing their skills.  If short on time, undergraduate students can also begin to earn graduate credit with the Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program.