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Collaborative, interdisciplinary research is one way the College of Engineering is contributing to advanced engineering solutions. Offering a top-notch graduate experience in which to broaden your skills, further your academic interests, and progress career pursuits is another.

Nationally recognized programs such as the New Horizon Graduate Scholars and the Graduate Student Peer Mentoring program are designed to enhance the Graduate School experience. If short on time, undergraduate students can also begin to earn graduate credit with the Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program.

The graduate student population in the College of Engineering is a culturally diverse mix of individuals with a range of research interests.  Recently, we asked a some of our graduate students to share their own academic experiences. Francisco Xavier Flores Solano (right) is an international graduate student who recently completed a PhD in Civil Engineering.

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Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Mining and Minerals Engineering
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Myers-Lawson School of Construction School of Biomedical Engineering & Sciences

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