C-Tech² - Computers and Technology at Virginia Tech

C-Tech² offers an opportunity to learn about college life--from residence halls to classrooms and everything in-between. It provides access to information and technology necessary to best prepare you for your future. The C-Tech² program targets rising junior and senior high school girls.

The C-Tech² camp will be held Sunday, June 25 – Saturday, July 8.

What is C-Tech² all about?

  • Exploring applications of engineering in a way that is fun and exciting.
  • Spending time involved in hands-on activities designed to increase your interest in and knowledge of applications of engineering to real world situations.
  • Attending seminars to help you prepare for the college application process.
  • Interacting with others interested in pursuing careers in various engineering fields.

C-Tech² Video Introduction


Comments from C-Tech² participants:

I wasn't really sure what engineering was and whether or not I would want to study the field in college, but after going to this program, I've realized that I'm most definitely going to be an engineer.  I was truly impressed with the faculty at Virginia Tech, and they made the experience worthwhile.

I liked that I found other people like me. I am not offered engineering classes at my school, and it was reassuring to know that others are at the same spot. I like that I saw all different sides of engineering, and have a better understanding about what engineering is.

I loved the breadth of engineering programs I had the opportunity to learn about, and that I learned what engineering is. I also love how i was given further opportunities (such as the fall visitation) to ensure our advancement into engineering and Virginia Tech. I'll never be the same.