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Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program (CGEP)

The Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program (CGEP) is a collaborative distance education initiative involving:

Through this program, graduate engineering courses are delivered to students located across the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond. Since 1998, CGEP lectures have been delivered to designated "receive sites" primarily using two-way digital videoconferencing technology. This two-way technology makes possible continuous video and audio connections between students and instructors throughout each class session. Most courses taught in the program are delivered simultaneously to students on-campus and at the receive sites.

To earn a degree using the course offerings of CGEP, an individual must apply for admission to and be accepted into a degree program at one of the five CGEP universities. The university that accepts an individual into a degree program becomes that student’s "home institution."

An up-to-date listing of the available degrees and application processes can be found through CGEP’s web site:

Virginia Tech Program Offerings

Commonwealth Campus:

Applying to the Virginia Tech graduate school under the Commonwealth Campus status enables students to take 12 semester hours before formal acceptance into a master's degree program. Each University offers specific master's degrees with little overlap. This program offers an excellent opportunity for working engineers to update skills or learn about a new technology.

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To provide high quality and accessible advanced engineering post baccalaureate education to the workforce of Virginia through superior technological communications.


To maintain and provide a leading post-baccalaureate distance learning advanced engineering education in Virginia and beyond the state borders.