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CGEP Information

Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program (CGEP)

CGEP is a premiere provider of high-quality post-baccalaureate engineering education for practicing engineers and scientists interested in maintaining and enhancing their skills.

Participating universities are:

Offerings include Masters degrees, certificate programs, and non-degree, non-credit/seminar programs.

CGEP delivers graduate engineering courses to students located across the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond.  Most courses are delivered simultaneously to students on-campus (Blacksburg, Northern Virginia or both) and off-campus via Webex.

To earn a degree using the course offerings of CGEP, an individual must apply for admission to and be accepted into a degree program at one of the five CGEP universities. The university that accepts an individual into a degree program becomes that student’s "home institution."

An up-to-date listing of the available degrees and application processes can be found through CGEP’s web site .

Virginia Tech Program Offerings

Commonwealth Campus:

Applying to the Virginia Tech graduate school under the Commonwealth Campus status enables students to take 12 semester hours before formal acceptance into a master's degree program. Each University offers specific master's degrees with little overlap. This program offers an excellent opportunity for working engineers to update skills or learn about a new technology.